Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tool 8

1.I have taken a look at the different tools. What I have learned about some of the tools is if I download my music, videos, etc. to my drop box, I can easily access the information needed on any of my devices. This is an excellent way to quickly access files with out having to separately load individual devices. I learned how to set-up an i-tune account. The thing I like most about the 11 tools is that I can go back to view these guides if I need to review information on any of these devices. I have not used the i-touch but I have viewed how to sync files etc.and I look forward to receiving new tools. 2. I am thinking now about classroom application of the individual devices. I will most likely introduce one device at a time for proper care, use and storage. Expectations will be clearly set before using the next device. Students may contribute ideas about how they have used the device or ideas for future use. I will download files for use or read only depending on how I want student to access information. I know now how to convert files from avi to I-pad or I-pod using I plan to use all new devices received in the fall in guided reading, sustained reading and workstations as activities, research or project completion.

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