Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool 3

Students need to learn early to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism. They must learn early to reveal sources and references. Many important points are included such as how procrastination more easily leads to plagiarism. In preparing our fifth graders for middle school and the increased emphasis on technology this lesson on plagiarism could be very helpful to enhance their learning on the proper use of materials both on line and otherwise.They must learn to give credit where credit is due.

Much of the learning from this summer stressed the importance of the fact that learning takes place in the discussion. Steven Johnson says chance favors the connected mind. This video from You-tube struck an interest and drives home the point of why discussion either with technology or in class groups or smaller is so important to the learning process. I would use this video to enhance the point of the importance of discussion and generating ideas through connected minds in multiple ways.

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