Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool 6

I am so excited and looking forward to using as soon as class lists are available to monitor student progress in behavior, and specific skills. What I like most about this tool is that it can be linked to any or all technology tools in your classroom (i-pad, smartphone) etc. so you can continue monitoring anywhere. You no longer have to rely on memory. All your information will be at your fingertips. Likewise is an excellent tool that I will also use to assign curriculum to students both in small groups and individually. The self paced activities allow students to move as quickly through the assignments as they choose. At this time I can only label classes but can not assign students.

Wallwisher is easy to create an on line bulletin board. Linked is a simple way to survey or brainstorm a topic.

Wallwisher Survey Respect

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool 5

I created a Glog . I will use it to introduce the class to fifth grade at the beginning of the year. Gogster can be used by students throughout the school year as a means for sharing information, research, etc. It can be used by the teacher as a means for introducing new concepts and units of study.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool 4

I created an assignment tracker in Google Docs. My tracker was emailed to my team mates Eli and Michele for feedback and to keep us on the same digital page regarding how we are monitoring student progress. I look forward to creating other documents and working with my team to get the best use from technology.

Tool 3

Students need to learn early to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism. They must learn early to reveal sources and references. Many important points are included such as how procrastination more easily leads to plagiarism. In preparing our fifth graders for middle school and the increased emphasis on technology this lesson on plagiarism could be very helpful to enhance their learning on the proper use of materials both on line and otherwise.They must learn to give credit where credit is due.

Much of the learning from this summer stressed the importance of the fact that learning takes place in the discussion. Steven Johnson says chance favors the connected mind. This video from You-tube struck an interest and drives home the point of why discussion either with technology or in class groups or smaller is so important to the learning process. I would use this video to enhance the point of the importance of discussion and generating ideas through connected minds in multiple ways.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 2

Reading the blogs of others was very interesting. I experienced difficulty accessing Demesa's blog, Ariza, I found had similar ideas  for the use of the blog. Ivy shared sites that she found useful and My new teammate shared similar feeling about the use of these new tools. It is refreshing to know others share my ideas, and frustrations. I am so excited about this opportunity for growth.